Embed our customer support team within yours

Passenger Team works right alongside your existing customer helpdesk, to deliver fast and accurate responses to your passengers when they request support with your apps.

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Following a trail blazed by so-called Challenger Banks in the financial sector, Bournemouth-based Passenger is advancing its transport mobile apps to include contactless journey information, in a technology convergence that will force customers to look at the humble bus in a whole new light.

‘Extremely’ Light Rail launch for Passenger

As we work with customers to prepare for the summer season, Passenger is pleased to announce its first outing in 'extremely' light rail, with a unique deployment for Poole Park Railway.

Small changes, big impact; Our ongoing commitment to accessibility

In our third app update of 2018 we made some changes to the way we handle displaying information within the standard Passenger app Explore view for users who have VoiceOver turned on. It's a small change of approach, that's already had a big impact for some visually impaired users.