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Since Adam’s death we have been involved with a number of initiatives to help young people who find themselves in situations where anger overcomes them and then they find themselves in even more difficulties.

Please look through the website to find out about Adam Rogers and the work of Every Action Has Consequences to see if there are resources useful for you and to find out how you can help.

The Education Packs

The learning materials are useful in helping young people cope with their frustrations and understand how anger can get them into trouble. There are resources for primary and secondary pupils with sections that would interest young adults. It is also being widely used by Youth Offending Teams and on victim awareness courses for people in prison.

Contact us if you would like a copy. It’s free but we would appreciate your feedback so that we can improve and develop more materials and resources. There is no formal charge but you are welcome to make a contribution to our charity page at Just Giving, and that will enable us to continue our work.

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A Selection of Our Video Resources

Tried and tested to work with the learning materials

Pump YS Dress Karen Women's Champagne Nina Children are encouraged to ask the questions so they can find out how it affected different people.

Karen Champagne YS Pump Dress Nina Women's An animated story of how to cope with aggression. Suitable for 9 – 11 year olds.

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Adam’s story told by Dave (Adam’s father) and friends.

Now click here to explore the resources.

About Our Work

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About the many ways we are trying to make a difference.

Adam’s Story

The night Adam Rogers was killed he was trying to act as a peacemaker. His only mistake was trying to keep a young man away from the area where his friend was being attacked.

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Dress YS Nina Women's Pump Karen Champagne Restorative Justice

Dave has become involved in rehabilitation courses, telling Adam’s Story to explain the impact of crime on the victims and their families.

Organ Donation

After his death, Adam Rogers gave new life to 5 people. It was a very difficult time to make such an important decision but we are so glad that we did.

Fund Raising Events

Over the years, family, friends and many wonderful people and organisations have organised a variety of events in support of EAHC.

Conferences, Seminars and Talks

We’ve organised and been guest speakers at conferences all around the country to help spread the word that “one punch is too many”.

How You Can Help

You can make a donation or organise an event in Adam’s memory.  If you are working with young people you may wish to use some of our educational materials.

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